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Google states 20% of search inquiries have never been seen before

According to Google, as much as 20% of the search queries entered every day are brand new and have never been seen before! And with the recently-launched Hummingbird, Inbound Marketers need to improve the contextual relevance of SEO properties. That means generating more relevant content to those potential buyers to beat your competition. How can you take advantage of Google’s change?

Did you know that there is a little known secret to getting found online that virtually no one pays attention to and that Google’s “Hummingbird algorithm” positively responds to? It’s called semantic relevance.

Delivering fresh and buyer-relevant content on your website is getting harder to cover all the possible combinations of audience interests. Being found by search engines and providing the right indexed content with the exact key words must now go beyond traditional keyword search optimization and indexing. “Panda” and “Penguin” algorithms are throwing curve balls at every SEO expert on the planet. Traditional SEO science just doesn’t cut it anymore and the objective of first page presence is now all about paid (PPC) search.

What is the best tool to increase SEO ranking today?

There is a cost to doing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and unless you can outpace your competition and still profit from a paid search approach, there is a constant need to be doing more with less. And that takes time and money! Unfortunately, less time and less funds equals less exposure. Less exposure means less leads. Less leads means less prospects to convert and so on.

What are your options? Primary keywords? Longer-tail keyword phrases? Localization? Back-linking? Relevant keywords contribute to increasing your site’s internet “presence”; however is that enough today?

  • Are you confident that you have done everything you can to maximize your visibility?
  • Are you missing potential traffic because you have less time and budget?
  • Have you explored all the options readily available to you?
  • Want to capture more qualified traffic?
  • What if you could increase your web and blogging site presence, by doing less work?

As an Inbound Marketing specialist, you have to constantly be thinking ahead, tweaking your websites adding new, fresh and relevant buyer based content. This is an essential ingredient to continuously expand the SEO Internet presence, attract new and more targeted visitors, and capture these audiences with the exact phrases they are searching for. Now with GenPress, you have an opportunity to increase more qualified and targeted traffic using a unique key word and phrase solution.

What if you could eliminate your competition in ranking?

  • Are you confident that you have done everything to maximize your website’s Internet presence?
  • Do you realize you could be missing potential traffic because your site lacks the right content for your targeted visitors?
  • What if you could increase your website and blog site search relevance, by doing less work?
  • Do you need to ADD LOCALIZATION to take advantage of multiple cities and zip codes?

GenPress automated content expansion is the missing link to increase the relevancy of your website content and increase search indexing.

What if doing less work meant more visitor traffic + qualified buyers!

Now with GenPress, you can quickly optimize your website’s indexed potential by inserting hundreds of appropriate new page variations immediately. Expand your target keywords and phrases beyond what you could have even hoped to accomplish And do it in minutes.


Localization generates the best local visitor traffic, but you need to get every page indexed for each single local market you service, right down to the zip code. What if you could create these localized pages fast?

All this can be accomplished in a few hours, not days! It means less could really mean more!

Introducing GenPress

Learn how to get more qualified traffic. Check out this short demo:

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Why 30 days?

Because we have carefully studied the indexing algorithms of the majority of search engines and found that it takes only a week or two to see positive improvements.

What if I don’t see the results I expect?

Then at the end of the 30 days you have the option to discontinue the service. AND still keep any posts you’ve created with GenPress.

Join us today and become a member of the “Less is more” brigade! It’s time to stand up and say “less is more” I am tired of spending too much time on SEP (Search Engine Positioning) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) while still getting poor results! I want to join as a “Less is More” member and take advantage of spending less time, less money and less efforts to get more!

Tell us us about your results. We would really appreciate hearing from you and your success.